Our Team

Dr. Thor Sigfusson

Founder, Chairman

Founder and chairman of the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Transformed an abandoned building by the Reykjavík harbor into what is globally known as “The Ocean Cluster House”, a home to over 100 entrepreneurs in the blue economy. The cluster has become a model for developing facilities for entrepreneurs by ports in many locations around the world.

Kjartan Eiríksson

Founder, CEO

As the CEO of the Keflavík Airport Development Corporation (KADECO), led the transformation of a former military base in Iceland into civil use. Today, the area is bustling with life, with several large-scale startups such as, Algalíf, two large-scale data centres and a school institution (partly owned by University of Iceland).

Dr. Alexandra Leeper


Managing Director of International Affairs at The Iceland Ocean Cluster. Leads the Research and Innovation Team at the Ocean Cluster House. She holds a Ph.D. in aquaculture and is passionate about sustainability, education and innovation in the blue economy.

Justine Vanhalst

Project manager

Experienced in organizing and leading hackathons, public speaking, and media management, Justine has led multiple projects with diverse stakeholders. She teaches food product development, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the food sector at the University of Iceland and co-founded Hringvarmi, a startup harnessing data center excess heat for local food production.