The Park

The building that will be transformed into the Eco-Business park has an area of 28,000 sq. meters and a ceiling height of 14 meters. Our goal is to transform this empty building, once destined to be an aluminium smelter into a thriving hub of innovation in green industry.


Our plan is to develop this facility keeping the needs of business, industry and community in mind. The finished facility span multiple floors of collaborative open work spaces, and space to setup research and manufacturing. An open garden with a foodhall, a greenhouse and accommodations are planned to create a community space for employees, their families and wider Reykjanes region.

Eco-Business Park also has access to the wonders of the Suðurnes region and the wider Reykjanes Peninsula. It offers a wide variety of landscapes, like lavafields, fissures and geothermal activity.

Cycling, Hiking or a quick horse ride over lunch break, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy your time at work.