Entrepreneurs and Businesses join for a Tour and Think Tank session for the Iceland Eco-Business Park

by | May 9, 2023 | News

Iceland Eco-Business Park hosted a group of brilliant entrepreneurs, scientists and sustainable thinkers on our site on May 4th, 2023. For the first time in Iceland, innovators and entrepreneurs were invited to join in and give their views on what their dream workspace would look like in a brainstorming session. The group consisted of not only representatives from established industries, but also entrepreneurs from small start-ups. Our objective was to include ideas from the community in our vision to build the hub of business in Iceland focussed on sustainability.

Alexandra Leeper leading the think tank session

The group was first given a tour of the site that will be transformed into the business park by Thor Sigfusson and Kjartan Eiríksson, our founders. The group was introduced to the massive building that will be used for manufacturing, research, co-working, wet lab space, education, food hall space and start-up space in the future. Following the tour, the group went to the KADECO offices for the brainstorming session led by Alexandra Leeper, the managing director of international affairs at the Iceland Ocean Cluster and our advisor. The group engaged in discussions on the perfect co-working space, focussing on the needs of businesses across different sectors, while keeping community and well-being at heart. Promoting collaborations between industry, start-ups and research was also a key discussion point, fostering our vision of circular economy and zero waste.

All the ideas from the session will be used as a guide as we start to shape the building once destined to be an aluminium smelter into the largest co-working space in the nation. If you are interesting in joining us on this journey, please get in touch.