The IEBP in the Icelandic newspaper Vikurfréttir

by | Feb 7, 2024 | News

A news article was published yesterday in the Icelandic newspaper VikurFréttir following an interview with Kjartan Eiriksson, CEO of the Iceland EcoBusiness Park. The article is only available in Icelandic and can be accessed HERE on pages 10-11. A brief summary in English is provided below.

In the article, Kjartan exposes the vision for the IEBP to welcome diverse industries, companies and entrepreneurs under the same roof with a strong sustainability and circular economy mindset in the Reykjanes peninsula, close to the international airport of Iceland. The building is re-purposing an aluminum smelter and reusing the infrastructure allowing to save around 20,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Kjartan also tells the story of how he came to build this project with Þór Sigfusson (the co-founder) and what led them to believe in the power and beauty of the Iceland EcoBusiness project. He says that it goes beyond a real estate project and is a ground-breaking concept for the Reykjanes region to interconnect different actors (industries, companies, entrepreneurs and educational bodies) together and create opportunities for growth and synergies. The project aims to have an impact on the overall region not only for the industries but also on the society and close population. The IEBP has been approached by some companies based in Grindavík wanting to relocate their activities due to the geological instability in this particular region.

Kjartan shares also insight on our future tenants that will come in the coming year within the IEBP and all the ongoing architectural work to create the perfect space for their activities. He also emphasises the particularity of the IEBP to be able to provide more space for the companies as they grow.  The IEBP aims also to be the home for young entrepreneur and young startup and benefit from the proximity to other players in their field at different stages.

The team is so excited to have such a long article depicting our vision and mission for the IEBP. We warmly thank VirkurFréttir and the journalist Hilmar Bragi Bárðarsson for this great highlight.

If you want to know more about the Iceland EcoBusiness Park or are interested to rent a space for your own activities, send us a line at